Eden Hope Academy


Your personalized online,
community or home solution to a great education.


Teacher-Led Groups

Eden Hope certified teachers will meet with your child via video chat. They will review your child’s history timeline cards, and lead discussions in history, Bible, geography, and science. Students will receive boxes every six weeks with exciting art and science projects. Students may opt for one-on-one sessions or small groups.

Local  Communities

Join or start a community near you. Most Eden Hope communities meet from 9am – 1pm each week for four hours of learning fun. Students lead in critical thinking class, review Spanish, play our exclusive game Link it!, create art, experiment with a science project, and strum the ukulele. Check her for campuses near you or contact us to start yours

Eden Hope in Your Home

Enjoy our comprehensive program in your own home. Our videos, memory music, books, timeline cards, Link it! Cards, and Spanish program will become the highlight of your home education journey.

Eden Hope Academy Books and Materials

Eden Hope Academy’s Shoulder to Shoulder Learning Style

Eden Hope Academy’s team of experts believe that children learn best by experiencing, questioning, and walking alongside their mentors. Our students complete their Activity Book assignment, videos, and memory music before online in community classes. They feel empowered to grasp hold of subjects and discover as much as possible.

Activity Book and Timeline Cards

Students complete their Eden Hope Academy books and timeline cards using our informative videos that are located on the member site. Many moms set a laptop on the kitchen table and listen along while cooking as their children complete their work.

Memory Music

You and your children will sing along to our memory music and learn history, science, bible, art, and geography sentences each week.

Art and Science Boxes

Meet once each week in your home via Zoom or in a community. Students either meet with trained teachers or open their box of hands-on art and science activities to explore and learn.

Our Activities


Hands-on building, creating, and designing are fundamental to great thinking. Eden Hope science not only relates to each week’s hstory but teaches students to think through complex problems and discover solutions.

Leadership Training

Even our youngest student learn to love leading class discussions. Your child will think quickly, make connections and grow in confidence.


Creative, messy, open ended and relates to each week’s history.


Eden Hope Academy has teamed with Spanish Educational Solutions for weekly online Spanish classes.


Strumming the ukulele stimulates the brain to cross the midline more than any other instrument, according to a UVA study.  Our students learn to play real songs while having fun!

Link it!

Eden Hope Academy’s exclusive history game, Link it! rips history and geography out of text books and makes it relevant!  Students love to make correlations between events, personalities, and alternate outcomes with Link it!

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