What would the world be like with thousands of children who truly know God’s Word? We believe that equipping children with a love for the bible and a passion for learning builds foundations that will remain strong through the turmoils of life.

1. Pray. We have a team of people praying for Eden Hope Academy, our campuses,  and . . . you! If you’re interested in joining the group praying, please email


2. Host. You can host an information meeting or schedule Steve and Kim Glanowski to speak at your church, conference, Christian school, or group. Email to discuss!


3. Give. Your financial contributions can also change lives, as they will go to funding more Eden Hope Academy campuses. Eden Hope Academy is a non-profit company, but contributions are not tax deductible at this point. If you’d like to give, or would like to be informed if/when donations become tax deductible, email

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