How to start your own EHA campus!

  • Campus Leaders interview with Kim Glanowski, Eden Hope’s founder first.
  • Sign our statement of faith (attached)
  • Sign the Campus Leader Contract.
    • Campus Leaders are independent contractors.

What’s next?

  • EHA will send you an info pack
    • the info pack includes an EHA book, CDs, and brochures.
  • CLs secure a facility
    • our team will help you make calls
    • we’ll give you a list of exactly what you will need
  • Hire teachers
    • teachers are paid one student’s tuition
    • Art, science, and ukulele teachers do not have to be skilled in these areas.  They simply must be excited about teachings.  Our instructions include videos of almost every project, so teachers literally have to watch a video, read a sheet of instructions, open a bag and teach!  We’re moms too, we understand that rounding up kids in the morning for group time is difficult enough.  We strive to make EHA a blessing for teachers.
    • Critical Thinking Skills teachers must be knowledgeable in the Bible and excited about history and learning.
  • Meet with families for info meetings.
    • Our on-line info meeting answers many questions.
    • Most meeting can be over the phone or email.
    • We will answer emails for you and carbon copy you so you know what’s happening
    • EHA will focus Facebook ads in the CL’s district
  • Host one meeting each summer for all moms and teachers.
    • Kim Glanowski or another EHA representative will lead the meeting and instruct the teachers.
    • It is a fun time for moms to get to know one another and teachers to get excited about the year.
  • CLs lead the first half hour and last ten minutes of EHA group days.
    • They pray, lead three a Capella songs, and play the RockaLingua, our Spanish video program
    • CLs lead students in timeline motions and close the day in prayer.

What will you receive?

  • CLs receive $175/tuition.
    • The $175 covers facility fee, usually $60/student, insurance, teacher fees, shipping for supplies, and CL compensation.
    • CL usually break even and start earning compensation at 12 students.
    • CL collects drop-off fees of $10/student or $20/family for each mom who chooses to leave.
      • Drop-off fees stay with the campus and are divided between the CL and the teachers.
  • EHA packages all supplies in bags for each week.  That way, each teacher simply has to open the bag and start her class.  There is no scavenger hunt for leaders.
  • EHA trains you, over the phone, and your teachers, in person.
  • EHA provides as needed phone support and encouragement.
  • We pray for you each group meeting date.

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